Welcome to the Light House

A spiritual home for contemplative women to discern their invitations and tend them with intention

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What if you had regular invitations to notice, name, and live into your light? 

What if you did it regularly with other contemplative kindreds? 

How We Live

As a spiritual community, we are postured toward:

  • Moving at the speed of soul

  • Noticing our invitations

  • Exercising discernment

  • Living with intention

  • Offering care and kindness

  • Respecting the dignity and light in every person

Our Rhythms and Practices

There are many ways to participate as a member of the Light House. The following weekly rhythm grounds our life together as a community.

  • Quarterly retreat days

  • Monthly Sanctuary gatherings

  • Weekly examen groups

  • Weekly glow-up gatherings

  • Weekly thread about spiritual practices

  • Mini-courses on discernment and your light

  • A creative “garden” of words

  • Quarterly mastermind groups (premium offer)

Our Community Values + Guidelights

  • We celebrate the dignity and light in every person. This means we champion each other, make room for all voices, seek the wholeness that comes through diversity, believe in each other’s good intentions, and respond to differences with curiosity.

  • We provide shelter for the soul to speak. This means we listen deeper than casual conversation, honor confidentiality, and embrace the pauses that allow clarity and courage to emerge in the naming of what's true.

  • We notice, discern, and respond to our invitations. This means we esteem the inner wisdom and inner knowing of each person, honor how each person names their connection to the Divine Presence, and encourage each person deeper along their authentic path.

  • We move at the speed of soul. This means we listen deeply, respond slowly, and respect the realities and limitations of our humanity.

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